Hotel Questions

Will the facilities be open to everyone?

Yes. The restaurants, bars and spa will be open to the public. It is anticipated that the leisure facilities will have a limited membership.

Why do we need another hotel?

There has been a steady increase in demand for hotel accommodation in the UK, both among foreign visitors and UK residents. In Torbay, while there may be an over-supply of small and outdated accommodation, there is a continuing need to retain and enhance good-quality modern facilities to maintain the area’s status as a premier resort.

Who will be running the hotel?

We are currently in discussions with a number of global luxury hotel brands for the operation of the hotel.

Where’s all the car parking?

We are proposing close to 300 parking spaces which is higher than the recommended one space per bedroom for hotels of this scale.

Will this generate more traffic than the old hotel?

With a larger number of rooms and improved facilities, we expect the new hotel will generate a little more traffic than the old Palace Hotel. But, overall, it will generate significantly less traffic than the previously approved expansion, which included a far greater number of residential units. A Transport Assessment will be drawn up once the plans have been finalised.

Is it bigger than the current hotel?

In order to deliver the high quality standard of hotel required, the proposed building will be taller than the current hotel but with a reduced overall footprint. The guestroom wing, which will be considerably shorter than the existing building, will be approximately two storeys taller than the previously approved scheme and therefore the roofline of the new building will be approximately four storeys taller than the existing roof.

Heritage Questions

Why can’t you restore the existing building?

The original building has been hugely extended over a period of 100 years, with many spaces poorly connected and creating a very inefficient layout for a modern hotel. The existing accommodation is tired and outdated and numerous planning applications have failed to secure a viable future. Recent intrusive investigations have also revealed extensive amounts of asbestos which creates a significant risk to ongoing maintenance.

Shouldn’t the hotel be listed?

Historic England have confirmed, the original 1841 house known as Bishopstowe has already been lost, among 1920s extensions and reconstruction following two bomb attacks in the Second World War, and as such the building does not meet the criteria for listing.

General Questions

When will the hotel be open?

Subject to the correct approvals, it is envisaged that the detailed design and construction phase will be 2-3 years.

Who are the Fragrance Group?

The Fragrance Group is a property and investment company based in Singapore with a number of interests in the UK and Australia. The Company’s founder owns 23 hotels in Singapore and the company has recently also acquired the Manchester Townhouse, the Crown Hotel in Harrogate, and both the Lyndene and the Imperial in Blackpool. The Company has just completed the development of the Ibis Styles in Hobart, and is also currently developing seven other hotels in Australia. In Torbay, the group has acquired the Palace Hotel and the Corbyn Head Hotel in Torquay and the Park Hotel and the former Lighthouse in Paignton.

Where can I find out more?

There is a website with the information presented here today which can be found at

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